Recommended Simple & Luxurious Parent’s Room Design! – Various rooms in the house must be designed in such a way, one of which is the parents’ room. Just like any other room, the design goal of a parent’s room is to make them more comfortable to rest. Usually, parents want the room to be designed not too crowded and still have the impression of nature.

Simple Monochrome Parents Room Design

If your parents prioritize simplicity, this design is perfect. Yes, the combination of black, white and gray (monochrome) will make them feel more comfortable. Add some attributes such as a chair to read a book and additional pillows. Don’t forget to post a monochrome color wedding photo right behind you.


Some parents don’t want to use air conditioning in their rooms. However, the air still has to be created so that it can be refreshing to feel comfortable. With a touch of greenery, the room will feel cooler. Add some plants in the room, can hang or stick to the wall. Oh yes, use white paint and room furniture so that the room doesn’t feel cramped.

Luxury Parents Room Design

Next is the design for the luxury version of the parent’s room. The combination of brown, black, gray, and dark blue will give the room an elegant and luxurious impression. Moreover, the brown color comes from the teak wood of the room furniture. The more luxurious, add a feather rug and a large mirror behind the mattress.

Japanese style

The Japanese Scandinavian (Japandi) style has become a trend in recent years. For those of you who want to apply it to someone’s room, it is certainly very suitable. This is because the calm Japanese style colors make the room comfortable and pleasing to the eye. Don’t forget to add wooden furniture and use parquet floors to make this Japanese style more visible.

Small Parent’s Room Design

Your parents’ room is not too big? Can be worked around! If that’s the case, first you don’t have a lot of seats in it. Put only the essentials such as mattresses and cupboards. After that, if you can make sure the lighting that enters the room is maximum. You can make a fairly large window next to the mattress. Don’t forget to add small decorations such as plants in some corners of the room. That way, even though the room is narrow, it still feels comfortable.

White Dominant Parent’s Bedroom Design

As mentioned above, white will make the room cooler, yes it is. At this point, you can apply all the furniture and room decorations in this color. It’s good to match the theme of your home. For example like the example above, which has a luxury theme.

Rustic Model Parent’s Bedroom Design

The rustic style has been around for a long time. before, this style makes your room look unfinished. But it is widely used because of its high level of aesthetics. For those of you who want to apply it in your parents’ bedroom, it’s certainly suitable. Especially if they want to build an atmosphere of youth in the 60s and 80s. What is used? To make the room feel rustic, of course you have to use parquet floors and wooden walls. Choose wood with an abstract motif so that it looks like the room has not been painted. After that, add the decoration of the supporting room with the color of the wooden walls.