Have you ever found yourself feeling like there’s just not enough space in your home? You’ve tried going through all of your goods, and are having a hard time parting ways with sentimental belongings. It may be time to consider getting yourself a storage unit to be able to keep those goods and know that they are safe and sound in a storage facility.

With affordable options and plentiful locations, you don’t want to just choose the first unit that pops up. Here are a few tips to keep in mind when looking for a self-storage unit that will function for you.

1. Location, location, location.

Let’s say you’re looking for storage units in Chicago. You’ll want to find a self-storage facility that is within the vicinity of your home or office to make sure it’s easily accessible for you at any hour of the day. As tempting as it may be, don’t sacrifice cost for convenience.

A closer storage space allows you to add or remove any belongings according to your calendar. This comes in handy for any seasonal decor you have set aside that may be creating clutter for your household, like Christmas decorations.

Don’t be afraid to be reasonable about a rental. If you feel greater confidence in a storage facility that might be an additional five to ten minutes away, don’t hesitate to consider the offer. You may feel greater comfort in an urban location as opposed to a storage unit a little farther from town.

2. Consider your Needs.


If a storage unit is just for overflow in your house, you may have an idea of the space you’re looking for. However, some people need storage facilities for an important move. If you are moving into a new apartment, you may need a temporary spot to put your furniture like sofas and coffee tables before you can settle into your new residence.

Be sure to look into reasonably priced storage space that is size-appropriate. You don’t want to invest in too large of a self-storage unit for a finite amount of boxes. You’ll also want to find a facility with surveillance and security measures that protect your goods round the clock.

Storing this furniture will also give you time to look into tips for styling your apartment, from figuring out the right pop of color for an accent wall, or the blankets that can provide that extra dash of comfort. Storage units come in a range of sizes for any new customer. If you need a place to store your vehicle temporarily, you’ll want to do some research for proper car storage in your area, or potentially seasonal RV storage.

3. What’s your Budget?


When choosing a storage unit, you definitely want the best price for you and your budget. Don’t hesitate to size up price in relation to:

  • Size of the storage space
  • Security features
  • Customer service
  • Easy access

This is where you’re keeping your personal belonging, and you want to make sure they’re safe, but you also want a great price. Be sure to look into discounts available for new customers at some storage facilities. These venues may offer a free first month on rental, or discount you down the line if you remain a loyal customer to the storage facility.

Whether you’re storing personal belongings or church supplies, you want the assurance that they’re in a storage unit that is under constant protection and not breaking the bank. Facilities like these are the best way to keep candles, crosses, crucifixes, and other products safe, with 24-hour access where provided and with a helping hand to move in and out of the unit.